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"To be a Bahá'í simply means to love all the world; to love humanity and try to serve it;
to work for universal peace and universal brotherhood."

~ Abdu’l-Bahá


The Bahá’í family in Springfield, Illinois comprises people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Inspired by belief in the oneness of humanity, the oneness of religion and the oneness of God.

Bahá’ís come together for devotional, community, and humanitarian activities. Together we are striving to build a community that demonstrates practical solutions to the challenges of modern society.

We believe that our experience is a source of optimism for all who share our vision of humanity as one global family, and the earth as one homeland.

We are Bahá'ís -- members of the Bahá'í Faith, the second most widespread of the world's independent religions, established in 235 countries and territories throughout the world. We come from over 2,100 ethnic, racial, and tribal groups and number some 6 million worldwide.

For more than a century, Bahá'í communities around the globe have been working to break down barriers of prejudice between peoples and have collaborated with other like-minded groups to promote the model of a global society. At the heart of our belief is the conviction that humanity is a single people with a common destiny.

Bahá'u'lláh taught that there is one God Who progressively reveals His will to humanity. Each of the great religions brought by the Messengers of God -- Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster -- represents a successive stage in the spiritual development of civilization.

Bahá'u'lláh, the most recent Messenger in this line, has brought teachings that address the moral and spiritual challenges of the modern world.

In the words of Bahá'u'lláh:

“O well-beloved ones! The tabernacle of unity has been raised; regard ye not one another as strangers.
Ye are the fruits of one tree and leaves of one branch.”

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We invite you to learn more about the Bahá'í Faith, its perspective of the past, its understanding of the present, and its vision of the future.

You are Invited to...

Study Circles

Spiritual enlightenment classes based on the Creative Word of God that incorporate consultation and the arts to foster spiritual development in each participant. Topics include: the power of prayer, the human soul, and life after death
Devotional Meetings

Join us for the reading of prayers and excerpts from the scriptures of the Bahá'í Faith and other world religions.
Children / Youth Classes

“The education and training of children is among the most meritorious acts of humankind and draweth down the grace and favour of the All-Merciful, for education is the indispensable foundation of all human excellence and alloweth man to work his way to the heights of abiding glory.”

Please contact us:
217/544-9595 or 800/22-UNITE      Email: info@SpringfieldBahai.org

Springfield Illinois Bahá'í
1131 South 8th Street
Springfield, Illinois 62703 U.S.A

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